Let’s Talk About…

Ranting & Raving

Hey Y’all-

So I had this idea that I wanted to run by you. Something that came to me while I was sitting on my couch,  with a drink in hand thinking about life.

If you guys watch my vlogs, it’s almost unnecessary to tell you that I love to talk. I want to start a section of my vlogs, or a new segment called “Let’s Talk About.” I feel like there are many issues that we as young women might ignore or not talk about. I want to create videos that are open for discussion. I’ve already been brainstorming ideas of topics I’d like to talk about. I want to have videos that people can watch and come to if they need guidance, or feel lost, or just don’t want to feel alone because everyone has these feelings at one point in time.

I want to make discussion videos about everything: insecurities, depression, anxiety, socializing, dating, etc. I feel like it would work best if it were interactive and you guys would hop on board too. This segment has the potential of being something so fantastic and comforting.

Please comment below if this is something you’d be interested in, I’ll even start working on one to see if this is something you would enjoy.

Love you all, until next time,



Ranting and Raving

Ranting & Raving


Today I want to talk about why I decided to start going back to the gym.

I feel like working out is a very touch subject; people are either extremely active or not at all.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a person dying to go to the gym, and honestly I’m still not. But because my friends were all going and had invited me to go I figured, why not? Now that I’ve been going regularly, I’ve learned to appreciate it more.

Now I might sound like a broken record for those of you who aren’t very interested in working out, but let me tell you, it’s worth it.

Aside from the laziness factor, there really aren’t really any negatives when going to the gym. Here’s my list of reasons of why you should start working out.

  1. You get to meet new people and make friends.
  2. You’re finally working on that revenge bod to get back at that guy who blew you off. Okay, maybe a guy didn’t break your heart, but getting your butt in shape is going to give you then ultimate confidence.
  3. If you bring a friend with you, you guys can establish a routine together, like running a couple miles on the treadmill while checking out the cute guys downstairs lifting weights.
  4. Overall, it’s going to affect your life in a huge way. You’ll start making healthier choices, and feel more energized.
  5. You should be in shape so you’re always ready to physically kick ass if ever needed, because let’s face it, the world is a sketchy place.

And in case you didn’t appreciate my reasons, here’s a list from another source.

  • Exercising reduces stress
  • Working out boosts the happy chemicals
  • It improves self -confidence (obvs)
  • If you exercise outdoors, you’ll boost your self esteem even more.
  • It prevents cognitive decline
  • It alleviates anxiety
  • It will boost brainpower
  • It’s going to sharpen your memory too
  • It will help control addiction
  • Exercising increases relaxation
  • You’ll be more productive
  • You’ll inspire others
  • Exercising can boost your creativity
  • You’ll get sick less

So get out there, girl! In the end, all this hard work is for you.  You push yourself, you get to become the best version of yourself. Go kick ass and look great doing it.

Until next time,


Ranting & Raving: Finding Your Happy Place

Ranting & Raving

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about finding your happy place, and why it’s so important.

So last night, I had a wonderful girls night out at this little French restaurant and it inspired me to write this post. My friend and I were talking about how happy we are now that we’re both in Seattle. And I was sitting there, just thinking about how happy I really am. Over the past two years, I had been in a dark place. I lost sight of who I was, and had stopped putting myself first. It’s crazy to see how wonderful my life has become in just a short three months.

So this post is for all of you who have lost sight of yourselves. I’m here to tell you that it does get better, that nothing is permanent. I am so incredibly proud of myself for being so brave and strong and for accomplishing all that I have in such a short time. I’m not the same person I was three months ago, I’ve improved. Change is a good thing.  I’ve surrounded myself with people who love and support me with every endeavor I do.

If there’s one major thing that I’ve learned, it’s that you must  create close bonds with people, with friends and family. I constantly keep in touch with my family, even if it’s just to talk about something dumb that happened at a coffee shop earlier that week it’s still great to tell them that I love them and that they’re always in my thoughts. As for friends, I’ve met people who have been nothing short of incredible. These people have been so welcoming and friendly, treating me as if they’ve known me their whole life.

So as I’m sitting here, in this charming French restaurant, I think of all of you, wanting you to find your happy place. I’m with a friend of I’ve known for years, in one of my favorite environments and I think to myself, “wow.” I’m surrounded by laughter, twinkly lights, and a gorgeous view of downtown Seattle. 

Everyone needs to and deserves to feel this happy. I keep telling everyone that this is the happiest I have ever been in my life. I want to share this feeling with everyone. If I could tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be at your best and happiest, I would. But it’s different for everyone. So here’s what I will say:  Go on adventures,  smile more, laugh more, be kind to each other, throw all your fears away because they’re only holding you  back.  Cut ties with people who only poison your soul. If they don’t change your life for the better or bring anything good for you, you have to let go. It might be hard, but in these circumstances you need to be selfish. This is your time to shine babe. No one should have the power to hold you back. Be free, be young. Live your life. The oppportunites are endless once you realize your value. You are worth more than you know, more than you think. Believe that you deserve the best, because it’s true. There’s a saying that says your vibe attracts your tribe and it’s so true! The longer you live a life where you feel unhappy, stuck or lost, the longer you’ll have to deal with people that won’t help push you forwards. Live your passions! Do everything you’ve always wanted, the world is your oyster.
Make a change.

Until next time,


Ranting and Raving: What’s to Come

Ranting & Raving

Hello Everyone!

For this Ranting and Raving, I wanted to take this time to write about how I have plenty of ideas coming for the Ranting and Raving section! I’m planning on posting a series of “Top Tens” that will consist of information/advice I think is essential for young women to know.

Categories will include: love/relationships, living on your own, budget planning, car maintenance, etc.

I will be starting theses posts next Wednesday, as I am still planning out and perfecting these posts. I can’t wait to share those all with you as I’m thinking that they’ll be extremely helpful. It’s something that I wish I could have come across when I needed them, but I will be writing these from experience and  just to help others!

I hope you all enjoy these new series of posts!

Until Next time,


Ranting and Raving: When to Cut Ties

Ranting & Raving


Yes, my favorite day is here!

Okay, this week’s ranting and raving is dedicated to those lingering friendships you’ve been debating about ending. Before you freak out, you have to realize that it’s not a bad thing to cut ties with people. Chances are, there’s a pretty valid reason why you’re thinking of blocking this person out of your life. I’ve had to cut ties with several people, and to be honest I wasn’t all that heartbroken about it. Maybe it sounds harsh, but you can’t think of it like that. The people that I’ve chosen to no longer have in my life were toxic. They brought me down, they held me back. When you’re trying to become something of yourself, you need to surround yourself with people who will lift you up, who are supportive.

Leaving my friends behind in California was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Though they were extremely supportive and loving, I was leaving a family.  These people are amazing and have become some of my best lifelong friends. They keep in touch with me nearly every day and for that I am forever grateful. It’s not like it was a goodbye forever either, it was more of, I’ll see you soon.

The people that I have met here in Washington have been unbelievably kind and welcoming. Since it’s a bigger city, I have so much opportunity for my blog, for my career, and for myself. All this love and support I’m getting from everyone has kind of left me on this permanent high with life. I’ve never felt this happy, like I could legitimately make things happen now that I’m meeting all these people and the complete resources I need.

That’s great and all, but that’s not the purpose of this post. Back to cutting ties. I have this major golden rule that I lived by for quite some time now. It’s become more prevalent now that I’m an adult and taking my life more seriously. Okay so this is my rule:

If you’re friends with me on social media and do not attempt to keep in touch with me whatsoever, you’re getting cut. You don’t get the privilege of seeing what’s going on in my life if you’re not going to be apart of it.

Similarly to Lauren Conrad, in a blog post she wrote about inviting people to weddings, she believed that if you haven’t sat down and had lunch with that person in 2 years, they don’t get invited. People are lazy, and it drives me nuts that people actually believe that being friends virtually but not in person is legitimate. The way I see it, I’m young and  having the time of my life. This time is precious, and it’s not going to be wasted by anyone.

No one will hold me back.

You are completely responsible for everything in your life. Your happiness, your relationships, your jobs, your friends, you mistakes. It’s up to you what to do with them

Until next time,


Ranting and Raving

Ranting & Raving


Today, I think we need to talk about social media etiquette, specifically facebook.

It seems to me that there are no longer any boundaries or any form of privacy. People are quick to judge, hate, and share things with little to no common sense. We need to establish some ground rules. Here are my top 3:

  1. Don’t share your political views: I don’t care if I agree with you and I think all your opinions are valid. Politics and religion are two topics you almost never want to bring up with any friend, old or new. You need to keep your views to yourself, as it will not bring you the attention you so desire. It’s not okay that we begin to judge each other merely through our specific views. Once you throw your views in other people’s faces, it makes it harder for them to see what kind of person you were before you labeled yourself in such a way. Nothing will come of this and you need to stop.
  2. Don’t share your religious views: Similarly to political views, religious views are also something that needs to be kept private. I don’t want to sound hateful, we all have our own views and that’s awesome. All I’m saying is, with how people are nowadays, we tend to make things a bigger deal then they are. You need to know your audience. Say you keep sharing posts of how dumb trump is or how you believe God is good, while others may share the same view as you, others do not. And it is awkward and uncomfortable.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be private: I can’t begin to tell you how many things I see on my facebook that I believe should not be on there. Don’t put yourself out there all at once like that. What’s wrong with keeping things private? Political beliefs? Keep it private. Religious beliefs? Private. Relationships, work problems, fights, keep it private. This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to this generation and social media. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust anyone but there needs to be boundaries set. I guarantee you that a majority of your friends on facebook are people that you rarely see or haven’t even met. Do you really want all these people to see things that are intimate?

These are things that I hope many of you will consider, as I always try to be respectful and private on all of my accounts.

That’s all,


Dating is Dead 

Ranting & Raving

Let me start off by apologizing for the belated posts. This is going to be a rant on everything that is wrong with dating in this generation. 

Dating is a dying art, simple as that. 

I cringe everytime I get a message from a guy asking to “hangout” or “watch a movie”. No, don’t waste my time. If you’re so anxious to spend some alone time with me, then you better prove yourself. Plan something, make time, be thoughtful, be a gentleman. 

I’ve only been on two dates throughout my young dating life, and they were great. Both of these men took the time to talk to me and get to know me, find out what I liked. The dates were special because they were very thoughtful. 

What’s so wrong with getting to know a girl and wanting to take them out? Boys, if you’re reading this, stop being lazy. If you don’t want anything serious then keep doing what you’re doing. But if you want respect and a good girl with substance, then try

Haven’t any of you guys been forced to sit through some romcom that one of your ex’s made you watch? What did she like about it so much? It was original, it was romantic. I guarantee you she fantasized about it because it seems as if whatever happened in the story would never happen in real life. I understand that movies and books set the expectations ridiculously high sometimes, but if you put in some effort, it’ll be worth it in the end.

I’m not just saying this for me, or for the other girls out there too, but even for you guys. The good ones will know what I mean. Look to the scene in Sixteen Candles, when the ever so dreamy Jake Ryan has a conversation with The Nerd about Samantha Baker. They’re in the kitchen, in the middle of a horribly trashed house talking about love. It’s one of my favorite movie lines ever, due to the audience it was directed at:

There you have it, words of wisdom from Anthony Michael Hall. Take notes, learn things. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time,


Ranting and Raving

Ranting & Raving


It’s funny how each lover has a different effect. Each lover has a song. A different melody that was sung for new love.

This song reminds me of you, makes me miss you.

But you’ll never know.

I remember where we had our first date. I remember how wonderfully special you made me feel that night.

But you’ll never know.

I remember how you said you liked my eyes, not just their beauty but the soul that was behind them.

But I won’t tell you that.

I can still remember how it felt the first time we kissed. The butterflies, my heart pounding, my palms sweating. Your soft lips electrifying me. Your thumb gracing my cheek, your arm pulling me in close.

But I won’t let you know my vulnerability.

I remember perfectly how completely open, vulnerable and weak I was for you, completely helpless.

I’ll never tell you, so I guess you’ll never know. But now I guess you do, because you think this is all about you.

Silly boy.

Inner Beauty 

Ranting & Raving

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about inner beauty lately. If you take a step back, you’ll notice that everyone focuses on outer beauty, as if what’s inside is obsolete. Fashion corporations, social media, society; no one cares if you have a heart of gold. As long as you look a certain way, their mind is already made up about you. 

I remember in my psychology class, we studied about the effect that good looking people have on other people. It seems ridiculous but it was really very interesting. As humans, we find people with perfectly symmetrical faces attractive. And because we’re attractive, we expect more out of them. We expect them to be smarter, more capable, have a better job, etc. We want to believe that their life and their soul is as beautiful as we think they are. Alfred Hitcock perfectly depicts this in his 1960 film Psycho. In the original novel, the character that Norman Bates was a stout, balding perverted man. But when Hitchcock wanted to make the movie, he decided to cast the handsome Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates instead. Because of this simple change, people saw the relationship between Norman and Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) differently. Subconsciously, the audience wanted them to be together, they wanted to root for Norman and just believe he was troubled because of the small reason that he was attractive. Of course, I think the entire idea of Team Norman fades in final scene, where he slowly looks up at the camera with his mothers voice narrating that she wouldn’t even harm a fly. That creepy shit ought to have changed your mind real quick.

Another example would be cheating on your significant other. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how many times they say they are sorry. Once that trust is broken, it will never be repaired. Through all the apologies, sweet gestures and attempts to prove their love for you, they’re a different person now. Somehow they’ve become a stranger. They look differently, they laugh differently. It’s all upside down. And who knows, they could have been the most attractive person in the world but now that they have done such an ugly thing to you, it makes them ugly.

Looks are only going to get you so far in life. This is why personality matters. Physical beauty is obviously what first attracts you to one another, but the chemistry and connection is what is going to make the relationship work. And I don’t mean this to be entirely revolved around being in a relationship, it’s just an example. But if you want to be surrounded by good people then you yourself have to be a good person. Don’t focus on all the little shallow physical things. Just make yourself feel and look confident. Everything else will fall into place. 

Until next time, 


Ranting & Raving

Ranting & Raving


Hello there!

This Wednesday post is coming a little late, and I apologize. I’m in the middle of moving so I’ve been pretty busy. Nonetheless, this Ranting & Raving post is about my top five favorite instagram accounts that I follow, each of them offers something a little different  so let’s get started.

1. ffrenchee

In their bio, they describe their account as a blog about beautiful things, and goodness are they right. Their instagram is filled with lovely, feminine photos of flowers, fashion and food. It’s obviously number on because it’s my favorite account that I am following. It’s so dreamy, I would check definitely check it out!

2. bossbabe.inc

This account is a great one to follow because of all their motivating and inspirational messages. Shortly after I wake up, I check my social media (probably a bad habit) but I’m so glad I get to see such motivating messages first thing in the morning, it gets me ready to kick ass.

3. tea.coffee.books

I’m a huge coffee addict. Well, maybe not an actual coffee addict, but I am obsessed with pictures of coffee. Coffee and books is an even better combination. This instagram page is cozy and great for anyone who is a lover of coffee and books, which I’m sure most of you are because how can you not be.

4. hotguysreadingnyc

I know, I know. This one may seem cheesy but hey, we all get out kicks from something. Can it get any better then New York men reading books on the subway? Probably not. Each man is a mystery, and I often wonder what story they’re absorbed in.

5. flowerstagramfeature

What girl doesn’t love flowers? These pictures are something to dream about. They’re lovely and feminine, it almost makes me feel like I can actually smell the flowers on my screen. Obviously just an illusion, but they’re just that good.