Photo Diaries: Wallingford, WA.

This photo diary is from my day trip to the wonderful area known as Wallingford. Above are pictures featured of my favorite parts of this charming little area. So let's talked a little tour, shall we? Top Left: TnT Taqueria By far some of THE best tacos I have ever had! A charming, colorful little … Continue reading Photo Diaries: Wallingford, WA.


Photo Diary: Frye Art Museum and Cafe Presse

This past week, I kicked off my Seattle Bucket List by visiting my first destination. This bucket list is directed towards seeing the city on a budget. Everything is going to cost around twenty dollars or less, although a majority of them are next to nothing. The first stop: Frye Art Museum 704 Terry Ave. … Continue reading Photo Diary: Frye Art Museum and Cafe Presse

Photo Diaries: New York City

Today's Photo Diary is dedicated to all that is beautiful in the glorious New York City. I took the trip a few years ago and I've been dying to go back. This city is everything I dreamed it would be and more. There are so many sights to see, so many people to meet. There's … Continue reading Photo Diaries: New York City

L’Opera Garnier 

This is a throwback in photography dedicated to my beloved Opera Garnier in Paris, France. It was as magical as it looks, if the photos do it justice. Another little fact about me, I'm obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera, it was the musical that got me interested in singing. This was an unbelievable … Continue reading L’Opera Garnier 

Photo Diary 3: Chihuly Garden & Glass 

Aquariums/Museums/Ehibits are some of my favorite things in the world. I could probably spend hours in these places just taking in all the beauty. My most recent trip to Seattle, I had gone to the Chihuly Glass Garden, as it was recommended to me by a coworker. Although the tickets were slightly overpriced, (70$ for … Continue reading Photo Diary 3: Chihuly Garden & Glass 

Photo Diary Day 2: Food in Seattle, Wa.

The second Photo Diary is here! It's pretty exciting, I must say, because this one is all about the wonderful food that Seattle has to offer. Below are all the places I've visited followed by a brief review: Kickin' Boots Whiskey Kitchen (Seattle, Wa.)- This place was pretty much hipster meets country. Your typical loud … Continue reading Photo Diary Day 2: Food in Seattle, Wa.

Photo Diary Day 1: Pikes Place, Wa.

Hello! I am going to be doing a few photo diaries to share all the wonderful photos I have taken of Washington and its glorious cities that I have visited this time such as: Edmonds, Lynwood, Alderwood, Seattle, Forks, La Push, Snoqualmie and Queen Anne. My first photo diary is of one of my favorite … Continue reading Photo Diary Day 1: Pikes Place, Wa.