Tuesday Books

What we're reading: The Black Book of Secrets by F.E. Higgins So this book was highly recommended and loaned to me by a close friend of mine. I think it's very important where you're friends with someone or potentially dating someone, to read their favorite book. Read their favorite book, listen to their favorite song, … Continue reading Tuesday Books


Music Monday

Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey THIS HAS BEEN MY JAM ALL WEEK. I absolutely love it, I listen to it at the gym, when I'm driving to or from work. I love that it tells a little story about young love; I feel like one of the biggest problems with music nowadays is that … Continue reading Music Monday

Etsy Sunday 

I am so excited about this weeks Etsy Sunday because I had recently received a package from one of my really good friends who lives in Belgium and she had just taken a road trip earlier this summer through Europe. While she was on this journey she got me beads from all these wonderfully charming … Continue reading Etsy Sunday 

Saturday Chat

So for this week's Saturday chat I just wanted to talk about how I got a tattoo recently. It was my first tattoo and I'm absolutely in love with it.  It was something I have definitely considered about for a while but I was happy that I finally got it done. Overall I had a … Continue reading Saturday Chat

Photo Diaries: Wallingford, WA.

This photo diary is from my day trip to the wonderful area known as Wallingford. Above are pictures featured of my favorite parts of this charming little area. So let's talked a little tour, shall we? Top Left: TnT Taqueria By far some of THE best tacos I have ever had! A charming, colorful little … Continue reading Photo Diaries: Wallingford, WA.

Ranting & Raving: Finding Your Happy Place

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about finding your happy place, and why it's so important. So last night, I had a wonderful girls night out at this little French restaurant and it inspired me to write this post. My friend and I were talking about how happy we are now that we're both … Continue reading Ranting & Raving: Finding Your Happy Place